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     I have always been the kind of woman to listen, feel compasion and try to always put myself in another persons shoes. Sometimes just a smile, a simple compliment, or a listening ear is all that's needed to make someone's day. However, I wanted to do more.


Over time, I have come up with many projects. I decided to launch a lippie line because I myself, love lip colors, and wanted to use my glaze sticks to make more of an impact.  


I carefully created each lippie. From the name, to the color, to the message behind Glow By Melodye. My goal was to create a product that my customers feel good about. This brand was designed with the intention to remind you that YOU ARE EXTRAORDINARY!

Yes YOU! Do you know how special you are?  If you forgot, let me be the one to remind you. 


In a world with so much chaos, it has become easy to not feel so good about ourselves. With Glow by Melodye you will feel sexy again. You can Glow again. My glaze sticks and matte's are just the boost you need to remind you how trendy, accomplished and sexy you are. Let Glow By Melodye remind you that you can do anything. Believe in YOU! 


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